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by: Jasmine reed

According to a recent AAA Travel survey referenced in this travelagentcentral.com article, majority of this year’s family vacations would be in the spring and summer. You might have witnessed this trend on a recent vacation, seeing tons of families traveling with a few toddlers in the bunch. The amount of luggage everyone had was unreal. And the faces of the parents, poor things. Some were frantic, others looked exhausted. The kids looked as though they were over it, too. Imagine the amount of preparation that goes into gearing up for such trips.  

Well, fret not Vinehouse fam! As always, we’ve got you covered. To make your family summer vacation travels as smooth as possible, here are a few tips that we think will make way for an efficient, entertaining and hassle-free journey. Whether you’re flying or road tripping, these recommendations cover it all.  

You can never have too many outfits. Ok, maybe you can! But it’s better to have more, than not enough. Be sure to pack at least two outfits for your kiddos, for every day of your trip. From spit up to diaper blowouts…we’d rather you err on the side of caution. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did! 

Buy the diapers once you’ve reached your destination. Whether you want to maximize your luggage space so or cut down on the amount of luggage you bring along, this is a great way to do so. 

Invest in a travel crib. The Baby Bjorn Travel Crib is a great option! It comes in handy when your living arrangements aren’t sleep friendly for your little one. It’s not super bulky, either. It’s mattress and actual structure collapse and compact to a size that’s ideal for scenarios like carry-on storage, or squeezing in the back of a trunk that’s already filled with countless amounts of luggage. 

Early and first is the motto, when it comes to flying. This way you’re able to better your chances of getting the seats you want. If you’re flying Southwest, make sure you check-in for your flight exactly 24 hours before it’s supposed to board/take-off. Their open seating policy can be a pain if you procrastinate. You end up boarding later and have the possibility of getting left with less than desirable seating. 

Take a stroll down the plane aisle or make a pit stop during the road trip, if you aren’t on too much of a time crunch. Not many people can sit in one place for long, including your little one. Especially if they’re in a car seat. If you can get up, stretch and walk around, take them with you too. Plus, it’ll probably cut down on the fussiness. That way you can catch up on your podcast or read that new book in peace….at least for a little while. 

Pack small snacks for consumption, and as an entertainment alternative that doesn’t involve technology. That movie or show will only keep your little one’s attention for so long, depending on their age. If they’re 3-years-old or younger, consider packing foods such as cheerios, blueberries, goldfish, etc. This way, you’re keeping them amused and their tummies are satisfied for just a few moments longer. And then of course pack other snacks of varying sizes in general. Especially for those long road trips and flights! 

First-Aid kits are always a good thing to keep on hand. Whatever you feel like will be necessities you’ll need for your child, pack a regular-sized version and travel-sized version, for those of you getting on planes, to make it easily accessible.  

We know some things are self-explanatory, so we tried to include tidbits that you might not have considered before. At the end of the day, things happen. If you didn’t plan for every single scenario or pack every essential, it’s okay.  

If you do have any summer vacation plans, we wish you safe travels and hope you have tons of fun! 


Khiari Mcalpin