Essentials for a Fuss-Free Bedtime Routine  

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Essentials for a Fuss-Free Bedtime Routine  

by: Jasmine Reed

You can barely keep your eyes open, but your little one shows no signs of slowing down. They know the day is coming to an end and they just aren’t quite finished getting rid of all that energy. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’re certain there’s so many other parents that feel your pain. But what if bedtime didn’t have to be such a hassle? What if your little one looked forward to bedtime? You know we love a good list, so we’ve curated one filled with products and gadgets for you to consider adding to your family’s nighttime routine. They’ll have your little one prepped and ready for optimal decompression and relaxation, and leave you wondering where all this cool stuff was when you were a toddler. 


  • Lavender Bath Time Products – Lavender is one of the most used essential oils when it comes to products created for sleep and stress relief. So of course, products infused with this scent are perfect for bedtime. Check out this lavender infused bubble bath from the Honest Company. Without a doubt, the bubbles will make bath time super exciting. They also have shampoo, conditioner and body and face lotion in the lavender scent, so you can have the complete collection! 


  • Tranquilo Soothing Mat – This would probably be better suited for children two-years old and younger. But this nifty little mat recreates the environment of a mother’s womb through heartbeat sounds and vibrations, which aids in the calm and comfort of your baby. You can customize the vibration level, heartbeat settings and opt for either the continuous run or 60-minute auto shut-off. Be sure to visit the Tranquilo Mat website for more information.  



  • Blackout Curtains – Maybe getting your little one to sleep isn’t the issue, but making sure they sleep through the night, is. Along with other tips and tricks, try adding blackout curtains to their nursery or room. This will help keep extra light from the twinkling stars, bright moon and early sunrise, out. The key is to ensure the curtains cover the length and width of your desired window(s). Check out these fun patterned ones at Target. 


  • White Noise Machine – This is helpful for when the rest of the family is still up and moving around the house, after your little one has gone to bed. Soothing sounds of the rain and ocean help them to rest well, while the rest of the family is getting settled in. Be sure to keep the machine a good distance away from the baby’s bed and at a low volume level, to ensure no hearing damage occurs. This white noise machine from Target has a great variety of sounds and is super affordable. 


  • Bedtime Story and Rocking Chair – Last but not least, one must never underestimate the value of simplicity. Once you’ve given your child a bath and they’re dressed in their jammies, spend some quality time with them by snuggling up in a rocking chair and reading their favorite bedtime story. The sound of your voice will comfort them and the steady, rocking motion will lull them into a deep slumber.  


Not everything works for every child, so try some things out and see what suits your little one best. Either way, you can be assured that less dramatic days are ahead. We’re rooting for you behind the scenes. You’ve got this! 

Khiari Mcalpin