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We Know What's Important

Kindertales to keep parents updated about their little ones day such as their feeding, changing, and sleeping schedule and pictures of them playing and learning. Kindertales’ parent mobile app and website allow parents to see what’s happening in their child's day as it occurs anywhere at any time. They stay current with their child's progress and feel like they are part of their day.


What Kindertales Offers

Attendance Manager

Request additional days in care or note an upcoming absence from desktop or mobile.

Choose How to Stay in Touch

Real-time updates keep parents connected with their child all day on mobile, desktop & tablet.

Online Account Management

Parents can complete all sign up forms and arrange payments online, safely and securely.

Milestone Reports

Keep parents informed of their child’s development with progress updates and photos.


Notifications and Messaging


Keep parents informed and engaged with app notifications and email marketing.