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About us

Vinehouse Nursery offers parents child care that meets the needs of each child and family, giving families a home away from home feeling. Our mission is to provide a safe and developmentally appropriate learning environment, which fosters a child’s natural desire to explore, discover, create, and become a lifelong learner. At Vinehouse Nursery, we believe in the value and uniqueness of each child we serve. Our childcare experience is designed to promote each child’s own individual social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development.



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Our Philosophy

At Vinehouse Nursery we ensure that exceptional growth is produced with each month of your child’s first year, as those months prove to be pivotal stages in their development. Our desire is to plant solid roots, with a quality teacher, that form a vine for our Vinehouse kids and families. We grow these roots by recycling 2 key beliefs from birth to 12 months: Nurture Creativity, Expand Self Expression and Increased Independence.


Plant Solid Roots


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What We Offer


sign language

Children will learn at least 2 sign languages per month. Therefore within 12 months, your child will have learned a minimum of 24 signs. Sign language is a powerful tool that can help you understand and meet the needs of infants and toddlers long before they can speak. 

infant massage classes

Infant massage can provide the infant relief from daily stress or discomfort from constipation, trapped gas or teething. Infant massage is also a wonderful way for fathers, siblings, grandparents and other caregivers to be involved with the new baby in a loving way that they both can enjoy.

music therapy

Music therapy is the incorporation of music, whether through a trained therapist or technology, for the benefit of patients. It has historically been used to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. Music has proven therapeutic effectiveness in psychiatry, obstetrics, and pediatrics, promoting well-being, controlling pain, and neutralizing negative emotions.





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2018 Small Business of the Year Award

Hosted by the Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama and the Business Council of Alabama.


2018 best of Alabaster Award

for the category day care center.

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2018 Small Business of the Year Award

by the Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce.


2018 Nominee for Best of the Best Daycare

from Shelby Living Magazine

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2019 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee

The 2019 Auburn University Entrepreneurship Summit, hosted by the Harbert College of Business. 


2019 Young Entrepreneur of the Year

from the Harbert College of Business at Auburn University


2019 Small Business of the Year Award

by the Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce


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