Father's Day Gifting

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by: Jasmine Reed

On Father’s Day, we get to celebrate the honorable men in our life who have supported, protected and guided us along life’s journey. Whether biologically or through life’s happenstance, these wonderful men play major parts in our lives and teach us things that we’ll cherish forever. Though they are hard working, strong and courageous, they’re also gentle giants who deserve to know they’re appreciated everyday, but especially on Father’s Day. 


Here are a just a few ways you and your little one(s) can get creative, and show the special men in your life just how much they’re loved:


  • BASEBALL GAME- In this type of weather, you can’t go wrong with an outdoor activity, especially one like catching a good baseball game! Whether you choose to stay local and support our beloved Birmingham Barons, or make it a mini-vacation and watch his favorite MLB team play, it’s sure to be a fun time. Surprise him with tickets and watch his face light up with excitement!


  • BRUNCH- If he’s not big on sports, we bet you’ll win him over with a good homemade meal! Head on over to Pinterest or fetch your go-to cookbook off the shelf and whip up a hearty meal that will knock the socks off his taste buds. The little ones can help stir any mixes or add the finishing touches. Click here for a yummy recipe that will get you off to a good start!


  • ROCK PICTURE FRAME- Nothing says “You Rock, Dad!” like this unique and creative gift. Stop by your local crafts store and pick up a picture frame(s) that’ll fit the photo of your little one’s choosing, of them and the special men in their life! Take a stroll around the backyard or somewhere that has lots of rocks, and let them pick out some of their favorite ones! Once you’re home, hot glue the rocks to the picture frame(s), insert the photo and get excited cause Dad’s going to love this!


  • BUILD MEMORIES- This is such a nifty idea, and the perfect gift for the man that has it all and rarely asks for anything! All you need are small building blocks and a mason jar! Sit down with the kiddos and brainstorm on all the exciting adventures they want to do with Dad and write them down on the small blocks. Place them in the jar and watch it become the gift that keeps on giving. It’s the perfect way to build memories that they’ll cherish forever.  Visit theseasonedmom.com for more details on this fun craft!


  • PERSONAL TOUCH- We all know that hand and footprint craft-gifts from little ones are cherished for years to come! Pinterest is the perfect place to get inspired with artsy things like this. Happy crafting!



We hope this was a great start to your Father’s Day gifting and are wishing all our Vinehouse Dads a Happy Father’s Day!!

Khiari Mcalpin