Kid-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Kid-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Guide 

by: Jasmine Reed

"When you look into your mother's eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth." - Mitch Albom 

There is something so precious about a mother’s love! They do and sacrifice so much for their families and deserve to be celebrated every day. That may not always be possible, so it’s great to have a designated day, such as Mother’s Day, for everyone to do just that, and show appreciation for the wonderful women in their life.  

Gifts made with love are the perfect way to show that appreciation! The DIY Mother’s Day gift suggestions below will allot for the kids to get involved and add their own personal touch. Their simplicity in supplies and effort also allot for multiple batches to be created! This way, everyone feels loved and you won’t have to break the bank.  

This is such a creative way to present floral arrangements to all the mothers in your family. You can customize it based on that special lady’s favorite color, and then add a sentimental element with your little one’s painted handprint on the outside. It’s sure to add life to any room it’s in. All you’ll need is a mason jar, paint, real or artificial flower(s) and your favorite little helper(s), of course! 

Hallmark might get a run for their money, this year, with these sweet homemade cards. All you need is glue, cupcake liners of various sizes, buttons, construction paper and crayons! This neat craft allows the kids to get as creative as they want with the different cupcake liner and button combinations. Once the front of the card is decorated how they want, they can add a sweet message inside. WARNING! Waterworks may ensue upon receipt.   

If there is any gift the moms in your life would love on this special day, it’s this one! Sugar scrubs are a great asset to any woman’s skin-care/beauty routine. Just grab a mixing bowl, spoon, sugar, oil of your choice, mason jars and ribbons! The kids will really enjoy helping pour and mix all the ingredients together, and you’ll get to have some added bonding time, too.   

This may be the most unique gift option of the entire list. It’s a little more intricate and may require a little more work on mom and dad’s part, but the result is a unique keepsake that’s priceless! Supplies needed include: air-dry clay, a small ball, toothpick, sharp kitchen knife and a small rolling pin. Once it’s all dry you could either paint it or just leave it as is and have your little one write, on the palm area, the special lady it’s for with a Sharpie! 


Our Mother’s Day wish is that all of you feel special this day and every day! Happy gifting! 

Khiari Mcalpin