Mommy & Me Fitness Class: Your Ultimate New Year’s Resolution 

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Mommy & Me Fitness Class: Your Ultimate New Year’s Resolution 

by: Jasmine Reed 

The New Year has officially begun and we’re all in the process of kick starting those New Year’s Resolutions we anxiously jotted down a few weeks back! Maybe some of those resolutions include things like; spending more time with your kids, curating a healthier lifestyle for you and your family, figuring out how to balance parenting and still making time for yourself, working out more, etc. If this sounds anything like the goals you’ve set for 2018, Vinehouse Nursery has just what you’re looking for.

Soon, we will offer a new activity for both you and your child to enjoy: “Mommy and Me” fitness classes! The classes will be offered weekly and led by fitness instructor Brandi Cooley of Mommy and Me Time Fitness. Open to the public, this will make for the ultimate play date and give you the chance to invite other mothers like yourself to tag along. Though they haven’t begun yet, we know you all are surely in for a treat!

This type of fitness class puts a fun and unique twist on what bonding looks like between you and your child. Not only will you all be able to spend quality time together, but it’s also a great way to get them involved as you partner up for certain exercises. The, “team-work makes the dream work,” type atmosphere those exercises create are not only strengthening you all physically, but emotionally as well. You’re both depending upon each other to get the job done and having fun all at the same time! You’re also teaching them, early on, that having a healthy lifestyle is important and giving them an example of what that looks like. Without a doubt, it’s something each of you will benefit from, in more ways than one.

For more information about our “Mommy and Me” fitness classes, be sure to click on the “What We Offer” tab of our website. And don’t forget to spread the word to members of your fellow mommy tribe, as well! We’re so excited for more of what 2018 has in store and are thrilled to have you and your little one along for the ride. ☺ 


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