Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

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Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

by: Jasmine Reed

Halloween is swiftly approaching, and it’s safe to say a lot of the good costumes are probably already sold out. But you’ve made plans to take your little one trick or treating, so it’s time to get creative! No need to be intimated, though. Using a few odd items and clothing lying around the house, you could recreate one of the last minute Halloween costume ideas we have listed, below. They’re pretty simple, allowing you all to still join in on the festivities without the stress and unwanted store trip!

  • NERD

This may be the easiest costume of them all. It’s such a classic! All you need is a pair of jeans, collard shirt, suspenders, bowtie and glasses. You could add tape around the middle of the glasses and a few pen and pencils in the front pocket of the shirt, for some added character! Of course, the shoe selection.


If you’ve got a little one in dance classes then this is a given! Just dress them up in their usual dance class attire and head out to rack up all the neighbors’ candy!


This one is sort of similar to the nerd costume, with just a few changes. This time, instead of a collard shirt, you’ll want to go for a plaid/flannel shirt to go with the jeans. You’ll keep the suspenders and add a skullcap or beanie for added flare, along with some sort of boots.


Similar to the ballerina idea, if your little one is involved with any sort of sports team and they’ve got a clean practice uniform, you can dress them in that! And they could even walk around with some sort of prop associated with the sport they’re playing, i.e., baseball bat, soccer ball, basketball, cheerleading pom poms, etc. Or, maybe they just own the shirt of your family’s favorite sports team. You could let them wear that, and still do the prop idea that goes along with the sports team! 


This one, you can really get creative with. There are endless outfit combinations, from floral printed dresses to sweaters and slacks. You really could have fun with this one. Some cool accessories to add include glasses, hair rollers, loafers, ballerina flats, shawls, stockings, walkers, pearls or long beaded necklaces and more! And to get even more into character, you can use some grey hair color spray to add on the look of a few years. 

Hopefully these ideas were great inspiration. They’re simple, yet unique and fun. 

We hope our Vinehouse family has a safe and exciting Halloween this year!

Khiari Mcalpin