Tis the Season for a Healthy Baby

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Tis the Season for a Healthy Baby

by: Jasmine Reed

Holiday season has come upon us and there are so many things to be excited for! Maybe you’re traveling and spending the Holidays in a different city this year. Or, maybe you’re imagining the elaborate spread of delicious food you’ll have. And we can’t forget about the most exciting part of it all…spending quality time with the ones you love the most. 

As you share laughs and reminisce on childhood memories, you gaze across the room at your own little one, while they get lots of hugs and kisses from all their doting relatives. Little do they know you’re cringing on the inside. All you can think about are the potential germs and viruses that could be invading your baby’s immune system with each peck and pinch on the cheek.

If only you’d read up on ways to keep your baby healthy during the Holidays, then you’d know how to handle this situation. No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here are three tips to help you and your baby’s immune system survive this Holiday season:

1. Make hand washing a priority. This is one simple task that many of us still haven’t gotten into the habit of doing. Though they mean well, family and friends don’t always think to clean their hands before touching a baby! A small announcement upon your arrival just to serve as a friendly reminder will do the trick. But for those forgetful ones, keeping a mini bottle of hand sanitizer nearby should do the trick.

2. Redirect. I think we can all agree that cheeks are one of the most obsessed over areas on a baby. Their face is the ultimate playground for germs/bacteria and from where your little one’s cold can originate. Suggesting other areas farther away from the face is another way you can minimize their chances of getting sick.

3. Blame the Doctor. If all else fails, explain that it’s just doctor’s orders. It’s hard to argue against the advisement of a medical professional. It makes you look like less of an overprotective parent and everyone is more willing to comply!

The most important thing to remember is to not panic. Even with all these helpful tips, there’s going to be some instances you just can’t avoid. Just remain calm and educate your family and friends on ways they can be affectionate without being harmful to your baby’s health.

Happy Holidays! 

Khiari Mcalpin