Welcome Readers

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Welcome Readers


by: Jasmine Reed

Navigating this world of parenting can be tough, but it helps to know that it’s okay if we don’t have it all figured it out. Truth is, none of us really do. However, thanks to our community or support system, we are reassured of our capabilities to raise amazing children that will one day grow to be even more amazing adults.

Vinehouse Nursery is a part of that support system in which you can entrust the care of your little one, while you’re working hard to build a better life for them. We are an upscale, child development center that provides a luxury and eco-friendly environment. With additional offerings such as “Mommy and Me” fitness classes, infant massage classes, music therapy, sign language and more, our goal is to create a quality early education experience for your child. You will be at ease, knowing they are getting quality care and learning something new every day!

As an extension to the childcare we provide, this blog serves as a resource for parents and those alike. We’ll discuss various topics such as ways to create a more eco-friendly home environment, how to juggle being a parent while working full-time, where the idea of infant massages came from and its benefits, learning at an early age, the advantage of small classroom sizes, healthy eating and so much more! We will also include happenings of the nursery such as special events, news updates, etc.

Alongside educational purposes, we also want to cultivate a sense of community with the blog. We want it to be a place where our Vinehouse parents can discuss, and share tips and advice on things that they’ve found helpful through their parenting experiences, while also providing words of encouragement and lifting each other up. There’s nothing like connecting with other people who are going through similar situations and are able to provide a different perspective and outlook.

We’re so excited to come alongside you as you navigate through this parenting journey, and we hope that what is shared helps you in more ways than one.

Happy Reading!

Khiari Mcalpin